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    How to Clean Exterior Limestone

    Last updated 3 days ago

    Limestone is an incredibly beautiful and resilient stone tile that is often used outdoors. Overtime, foot traffic and the elements can dirty or stain limestone tiles. To keep your exterior limestone looking its best, start by power-washing your tiles at least once a month. Once surface dirt and debris is removed, use a stiff brush and work a stone cleaning solution into the limestone. If the surface has begun to dry, re-wet the limestone before applying the cleaning solution. Thoroughly rinse the surfaces using high pressure water and allow them to air dry.

    Here at Da Vinci Marble, we carry the best selection of natural stone slabs in the Bay Area. In addition to our beautiful limestone tiles, we offer marble, granite, onyx, and quartzite slabs. If you have any questions about our natural stone tiles and slabs, visit our website, stop by our showroom, or call us at (650) 830-0519. 

    Uses and Characteristics of Granite Stone

    Last updated 13 days ago

    Granite is one of the most durable stones used in artistic and architectural applications. Lauded for its strength and beauty, granite is used for a variety of structural and decorative purposes both inside and out. If you are looking for a great decorative stone, consider the uses and characteristics of granite stone and then visit a natural stone showroom in your area


    According to the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), granite is defined as a granular igneous rock ranging in color from pink to light or dark grey. Granite consists mostly of quarts and feldspars, and is typically accompanies by one or more dark minerals. “Black granite” contains little or no quarts or alkali feldspars but is used interchangeably with true granites for all practical purposes.

    Typical Uses

    Because of its strength and durability, granite is used for a variety of structural and decorative purposes. Exterior uses include sculpture and sculpture bases, structural and veneer building stones, architectural trim, paving, curbstones, and grave markers. Granite is also a popular option for countertops, floor tiles, shower tiles, backsplashes, and decorative tile surrounds.


    Granite is very dense, hard, and brittle. While granite stands up well against heavy foot traffic and is resistant to water and chemicals, regular cleaning and sealing will keep your granite countertops, floors, or decorative pieces looking great for many years t come.

    For the best granite slabs in the Bay Area, visit Da Vinci Marble. We are proud to be the finest natural stone slab supplier in the San Francisco Bay Area. In addition to our beautiful granite stones, we also offer marble, travertine, limestone, onyx, and quartzite slabs. Visit our website to see all of the natural stone slabs and tiles we offer, or call our showroom today at (650) 830-0519 to speak with one of our stone and tile experts. 

    Choosing a Stone Surround for a Fireplace

    Last updated 19 days ago

    Whether you’re installing a ventless gas fireplace in the basement or remodeling the fireplace in your living room, a stone surround can add warmth and luxury to one of the coziest features in your home. In this video from HGTV, you will learn about the different types of natural stones available and which ones work best for fireplace surrounds. You will also get some tips for choosing the best stone surround for your fireplace, including comparison shopping and working within your budget.

    For the best natural stone tiles in the Bay Area, visit Da Vinci Marble. In addition to our beautiful white Italian marble, we have made a name for ourselves by offering some of the most beautiful natural stone materials in the San Francisco Bay Area. If you have questions about our stone tiles, call us today at (650) 830-0519. 

    Designing an Elegant Kitchen Backsplash

    Last updated 28 days ago

    The kitchen backsplash adds more visual appeal to cabinets and countertops while bringing extra depth and texture to the room’s design. If you want to create an elegant backsplash for your kitchen, use the following tips to find the right combination of tiles or decorative stone:

    Bright, Monochromatic Tiles

    You can use your backsplash to add some color to the room without overwhelming the eye. Choose glass, ceramic, or stone tiles in a beautiful shade of pastel blue or a deep red for just a hint of color that ties the rest of your décor together in a simple, elegant way. You might even want to choose tiles in the same color as the countertops to create a modern and beautiful monochromatic design for the room.

    Calacatta Marble

    Instead of choosing the traditional glass or ceramic tiles for your backsplash, consider using decorative stone like Calacatta marble. This beautiful feature will instantly add a high-class feeling to your kitchen design. You can use marble on the countertops too if you want to give your new kitchen design a modern edge.

    Dark Tiles

    Add some drama to your kitchen décor with tiles in a starkly dark hue. Complement your stainless steel appliances with some black tiles that create an interesting and eye-catching backsplash that will bring a new kind of aesthetic appeal to your room.

    Patterned Tiles

    The right kind of pattern can completely transform your kitchen design. Choose tile with a Morrocan-style pattern to bring a little more visual stimulation to the room’s décor. Patterned tiles can also draw more attention to certain features of your kitchen design that you really love.

    With the help of Da Vinci Marble, you can create an elegant and stylish backsplash for your kitchen. We also specialize in marble, quartz, and granite slabs to give you access to the natural stone you need to enhance your entire home design. We bring quality stone and tile to the Bay Area. To learn more about our selection, visit us online or call (650) 830-0519. 

    Tips for Caring for Granite

    Last updated 1 month ago

    Granite is a beautiful and versatile material to use on countertops and backsplashes in your home. With the proper care, this kind of natural stone is durable enough to withstand almost any kind of wear and tear of life in the kitchen and the bathroom.

    Make sure your granite is sealed to give the stone an extra barrier of protection against spills. If you do spill anything on your countertops, you should try to clean it up as soon as you can to prevent permanent stains. Do not use any acidic cleaners. In most cases, a wet sponge should be enough to clean the granite and return it to its original condition.

    From granite slabs to decorative stone tile, Da Vinci Marble has the products you need to enhance your interior design. We bring you the best selection of tile, marble, granite, and quartz in the Bay area to make it easy to choose features that allow you to build your dream décor. To learn more about our selection or our showroom, visit us online or call (650) 830-0519. 

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