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    How To Build A Garden Path Using Decorative Stones

    Last updated 8 months ago

    It is never too early to start making plans for next year’s garden! Make the most of your beautiful backyard space by building a path that will guide you along the way and enhance the aesthetic quality of this area. Da Vinci Marble offers a variety of gorgeous decorative stones, allowing you to create the perfect garden path for your space:

    Mark the Path

    Use wooden stakes or yard-friendly paint to create a simple outline of your garden path. Have family members help you decide how long and wide the path should be by walking around your garden together. Figure out where you will need to walk as well as which parts of the garden offer the most beauty. Mark the outline of your path on the ground to use as a guide for the decorative stones.

    Find Your Decorative Stones

    Marking your garden path will allow you to determine how much space you have to cover. Once this step is complete, use a tape measure to carefully measure both the length and width of your planned path. Keep this information with you when start your online search for the perfect decorative stones. Determine what type of décor scheme or atmosphere you want to create and look for stones that show off this style through color, texture, and patterns.

    Put Your Stones in Place

    Use the markings you created earlier to guide you when removing the sod. You may need to rent professional tools in order to properly remove the sod from your yard. Use a shovel and wheelbarrow to remove dirt from the path and transport it to a different part of your garden. Once the area is prepared, you can start placing your decorative stones in the newly emptied space. Try a simple and traditional path by keeping your stones in a line or pattern, or create a truly unique path by placing decorative stones in random spots along the path.

    Start planning your decorative stone garden path with help from Da Vinci Marble. Learn about our selection of decorative stones, tile, and marble by giving us a call at (650) 830-0519.


    Tips for Designing a Tile Mosaic

    Last updated 9 months ago

    A tile mosaic can give a room a certain vibrancy that is difficult to achieve through other decorative means. With so many types of tile and so many different options for the placement of a tile mosaic, settling on a single idea is often the hardest part of the tile mosaic design process.

    To help you get started, think about how your personality or that of your home could best be reflected in a tile mosaic. Consider also how prominent you want your mosaic to be, as this can help you decide between a kitchen or bathroom backsplash, a table mosaic, and a large wall mosaic. Next, draft a rough sketch and decide what sort of color scheme is most appropriate for your mosaic.

    Once you have figured out what you want your tile mosaic to look like, it is time to shop for supplies. For access to a vast inventory of high-quality stone, glass, ceramic, metallic, and porcelain tiles in the San Francisco area, visit the Da Vinci Marble showroom in San Carlos or call (650) 830-0519.

    The Benefits of Choosing Granite Countertops for your Home

    Last updated 9 months ago

    From pyramids in ancient Egypt to temples constructed during the rule of the Chola Empire in present-day India and Sri Lanka, granite was used in the construction of several magnificent structures that are now considered to be antiquities. As building construction evolved and the extraction and movement of the natural stone became easier, granite emerged as a popular home countertop material


    Formed over thousands of years from the cohesion of magma with several minerals, granite has a natural beauty that cannot be replicated by man. It is just one of several types of beautiful decorative stone, but it has certainly developed a reputation for having a high aesthetic appeal.


    Granite is one of the most abundant materials found in the earth’s continental crust. An increase in the demand for granite over the past couple of decades was matched by an increase in supply that makes granite much more affordable than it was 20 years ago. In comparison to marble and a handful of other decorative stone types, granite is also a cost-effective countertop option.


    The state of repair of many awe-inspiring buildings constructed with granite and exposed to the elements for thousands of years is a testament to the stone’s durability. Polished and sealed, granite slabs used in a home kitchen or bathroom are not even exposed to the elements. In addition to being impenetrably hard and heat-resistant, modern granite countertops are unscratchable and fairly stain-resistant.


    Caring for granite countertops is a breeze. A nightly wipe-down with warm water and a mild soap may take two minutes of your time, and is all that is necessary for keeping your granite countertops looking shiny and new.

    Are you a resident of the San Francisco area who is looking to incorporate granite into the construction or remodeling of your kitchen? For access to the finest selection of granite slabs and other natural stone products, check out the Da Vinci Marble showroom or call (650) 830-0519.

    What Is Granite Made Of?

    Last updated 9 months ago

    Like other igneous rocks, granite is formed through the cooling and solidification of molten lava. It occurs all over the world, which means that its appearance and composition can vary considerably.

    To learn about the chemicals and minerals that are most prominent in granite samples the world over, watch this brief educational video. In the clip, Bowling Green State University geology professor Jeffrey Wagner discusses the quartz, feldspar, and dark minerals that must be present in order for natural stone to be classified as granite.

    Serving the entire San Francisco Bay Area, Da Vinci Marble boasts the finest selection of granite and other natural stone slabs in Northern California. To learn more about our inventory and get started on your next home remodeling project, call (605) 830-0519.

    Contemporary Design Inspiration for Your Bathroom Tile

    Last updated 9 months ago

    In an effort to improve the appearance and feel of our homes, we homeowners embark on home remodeling projects. According to the National Association of Home Builders, 78% of home renovations that were carried out in 2012 took place in the bathroom. Many of these involved minor changes, such as the replacement of laminate flooring with natural stone or the introduction of a tile mosaic backsplash. If you know that you want to make a change to your powder room or master bath but are not yet set on any one project, read through the following ideas for some inspiration. 

    Patchwork Tile Mosaic

    A few years ago, tile quilting was considered a thing of the past. Today, it is once again in vogue, and for good reason. Piecing designer tiles together to form a quilt or a quilted mosaic is an effective way to bring color and an artistic feel to a bathroom.

    Earth Tone Backsplash

    Would you like to transform your bathroom into a natural oasis for relaxation? While there are several ways you could go about doing this, a great way to start is with the introduction of a backsplash made from fine tiles of orange, red, brown, and other warm colors. You can take this a step further by replacing existing floors and countertops with earth-tone marble or other natural stone.

    Glass In the Shower

    At once affordable and environmentally friendly, glass tiles have grown increasingly popular over the past few years. Install a strip of fractured glass tile in your shower, and appreciate the way that the water and semi-reflective glass interact each time you take a shower.

    Living in a comfortable, warm, and inviting environment can do wonderful things for a person’s quality of life. In many homes, the introduction of decorative stone tile to the bathroom is all that is needed in order for this to be achieved. To speak with a highly regarded supplier of natural stone and glass tiles in the San Francisco Bay Area, call Da Vinci Marble at (650) 830-0519.

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