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    A Closer Look at Your White Marble Options

    Last updated 8 months ago

    If you’re building or remodeling a home, and you’re considering white marble installations, here are some keys to understanding your white marble options.

    First, there are a variety of types of white marble. Calacata and Carrera are two beautiful choices and they’re easy to differentiate when you know what to look for. Both stones are white, but Calacata is a more pure, brighter white. Generally, Calacata has subtle gold colored flecks incorporated into the gray veining. Carrera’s veining is often more linear. It’s also a less rare, although both are considered luxury materials. Other types of white marble include Arabescato, Statuarietto, and Volakas. You’ll also need to decide between honed, which has a natural, velvety texture and a matte look, or polished, which is shiny and feels smooth.

    If you have questions regarding your white marble choices, don’t hesitate to call Da Vinci Marble at (650) 830-0519. We have many marble options for your consideration.

    Update Your Kitchen with These Design Ideas from the Barefoot Contessa

    Last updated 9 months ago

    As a food celebrity and host of the popular Barefoot Contessa series, Ina Garten knows a thing or two about kitchen décor. Her Kitchen of the Year project offers a wealth of ideas you can use in your own space. 


    Ina chose a bold countertop for her kitchen. You can duplicate the effect of her dark countertops with products like black granite slabs. For an equally dramatic statement, choose a piece from Antolini’s Natura Collection. This collection of decorative stone slabs features graphic applications made by expert craftsman. Adding such a piece as a countertop or backsplash is sure to lend a unique, impressive aesthetic to any kitchen. If you want to keep it subdued, a Calacata marble countertop gives a sense of boldness with its inherent luxury. Da Vinci Marble in San Carlos, California, carries these products, as well as other statement-making materials, such as decorative stone tiles, concrete, and metallic tiles.


    Ina’s kitchen featured hand-scraped maple flooring to give it a mature, sophisticated vibe. Stone tile or other types of tile also work well in kitchens and have the added benefit of being durable. Concrete tile is especially on trend right now. Concrete tile can add a sense of historical ambiance to your room since it was a popular choice in the 19th Century. Certain stains and finishes on tiles can give the appearance that they were meticulously hand-crafted and aged.

    Other details

    Other characteristics of Ina’s kitchen include her use of a neutral palette. This allows the colors of fresh fruits and vegetables to standout and contribute their beauty to the space. Large scale accessories look dramatic and striking. Make your life easier with an unfussy eat-in kitchen, washable slipcovers, and a desk close at hand. Other design principles she espouses include grouping similar items together and decanting baking goods and spices for a streamlined look.

    If you’re thinking about a kitchen remodel, or you’re already in the process, Da Vinci Marble in San Carlos can help. We carry a variety of products including stone tile, Carrera Marble, and decorative stone products. Feel free to call us at (650) 830-0519 for more information.

    A Look at How Italian Marble is Made

    Last updated 9 months ago

    If you’ve ever examined the beautiful details of white Italian marble, you might be intrigued by this video that shows how this stone is made. The video gives dramatic views of the huge quarry from which marble is extracted. Workers guide machines to cut large blocks of marble out of the rock face. Then, the blocks are moved to a factory where the marble can be cut into smaller sheets for various uses.

    Da Vinci Marble in San Carlos has a wide variety of this exquisite, luxury material. If you’re considering white Italian marble for your next remodeling project, please give us a call at (650) 830-0519. Our friendly staff and expert stonemasters can help you select just the right material for your space. 

    Add Italian Flair to Your Kitchen with White Marble Countertops

    Last updated 9 months ago

    Keeping a simple color palette in your kitchen is smart approach to decorating. Neutral choices like black, white, and gray will always look fantastic in the presence of fresh fruits, vegetables, and other good things you work with on a daily basis. However, you probably still want the kitchen to have personality and reflect your tastes. Choosing white marble countertops adds Italian flare to any kitchen.

    Authentic Material

    When you get your white marble countertops from Da Vinci Marble, you can be confident that they’ll lend Italian flare to your space because they’re a truly authentic product. Carrera (or Carrara) marble comes from the region of Tuscany in Italy. It was perhaps most famously used as the material for Michelangelo’s “David,” as well as countless impressive constructions all over the world. It has distinctively subtle blue-gray veins. Calacata (or Calacatta) marble is whiter and has thicker, less linear veining. It’s more rare that Carrera. Both are considered to be luxury stones.

    Inherent Beauty

    With white marble countertops, you get a product that’s both neutral and dynamic. Because the color you perceive is mostly white, it adds a sense of cleanliness and purity to a kitchen. You might find a minimalist palette soothing, and white marble looks exquisite when paired with other whites. More dynamic than a flat white, marble’s inherent veining adds richness and interest. There’s no repetition, just understated, baroque complexity.

    Italian Flare

    White marble countertops work well with other characteristic features of Italian décor. For instance, the subtle gold tones of Calacata marble harmonize with copper accessories. Natural light punctuates the gorgeous veining. Indoor greenery like topiaries sparkle against a clean, white backdrop, as do lemons, herbs, tomatoes and other fresh staples of Italian cuisine. Plus, whether your spin is contemporary or traditional, marble will suit your space.

    If you’ve decided to update your kitchen and you live in the San Mateo or San Jose area, give the helpful experts at Da Vinci Marble a call. Our number is (650) 830-0519 and we can provide suggestions for white marble products, as well as granite slabs and decorative stone.

    Tips for Choosing Your Kitchen Colors

    Last updated 9 months ago

    Color choice can greatly influence your mood, energy level, and creativity. When choosing colors for a kitchen, consider a hue that will complement the bright range of colors of the fruits and vegetables you will be working with every day.

    This video offers some helpful tips for choosing kitchen colors. Natural colors such as sage green and taupe grey make excellent backdrops for many meals. Natural stone countertops and floors can also create a perfect setting to draw attention to foods rather than the actual kitchen itself.

    Da Vinci Marble offers the finest natural stone tiles and slabs in the San Francisco Bay Area. We invite you to explore our selection of granite, marble, limestone, and more by visiting our showroom and speaking with our stone and tile specialists. Click through our website or call (650) 830-0519 to learn more

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